Disruptive Innovation with Impact

Our programs are designed to enhance your innovation capability by working with startups from idea to exit.

Our exclusive and invitation only Corporate Program begins with access to global innovative startups at various stages of NPI (New Product Introduction) development. Corporate team members can engage with startups through G2M (go-to-market), distribution partnerships, licensing, investment, and acquisition. Corporate global team members can execute their innovation roadmap and achieve strategic outcomes while reducing the risks caused by internal initiatives and fast-paced external startups.

We are the first in Silicon Valley to expand corporate innovation capability to implement or fund open innovation through On-Demand Venture Capital. We simply map your innovation focus with startups already working to solve similar challenges, then implement your NPI, G2M or both (unlike Startup Pitch and Demo Day which offer what they have, we tap into a million+ global partners startup to meet your exact needs). Our global tech labs are scalable with a large pool of on-demand engineers, scientists, and designers. We are industry agnostic and serve primarily:

  • Global Fortune 500
  • Innovation Centers
  • Regional Research Parks
  • Top Universities


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